Never Knows Best
"You smell like cigarettes. The strong ones."

"I haven't been smoking."
Mamimi Samejima is a 17 years old high school student. She smokes a little bit too much and loves photography (the cameras she owns are an Olympus XA2 and Olympus OM-2!). And she also appears to be a pyromaniac. Once, she was found by Naota in a circle of lit cigarettes, praying to Canti, whom she believes to be The Lord of Black Flames from her favorite video game, Firestarter. When Mamimi was younger, she set fire to her elementary school and was rescued by Tasuku. Since then, he has become her saviour, guardian, her god. When Tasuku left for America, there was no one for Mamimi to rely on and she lost all sense of stability in her life. But she found her solace in Naota, Tasuku's brother.